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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Hello people. Jim have not write much. Jim just now read guestbook. Many person have respond. Mine for hope that people are of the real type and not SPAM. SPAM is a bad. Jim have many fans if not SPAM. Jim feel sorry for small writing. future: more jim write. Jim now eat dinner. I eat and soon I wirite again.

Saturday, May 3, 2003
jim greeting you. I have pleased that many person for reading site mine. them guestbook people signing are for very nice. thank them. yes.....So.... yes well jim have been gone long time and are sorry, thus jim for give essay to make up for. here is:

I have many friends. All my friends have a tendency direction and to enjoy a joke, particularly Tom. CAN laughter and transfer others to the one like nobody differently Tom. In addition it does not have difficulty for the laughter of its own jokes. In all Tom is an amusing kidskin. Well known Tom I’ve of the first degree, when it was in my code category. Of me he can be reminded this thinking Tom from the first day of the school, yes in the code category with my arm around, which is them my new better friend? Therefore other designated kidskin Gregor was this. One day to the lunch, said Gregor too on its slat. to be based Tom. Therefore it maintained! We rolled on the For, which we give again. Instruction more rubber came, seeing that, what that was whole commotion circa?What?s that they continue here? he asked. Therefore we to it that said, what became to happen. It ask did that Tom?If Gregor said to you that, in order outside of a Reef, you to jump? Tom has many Maybe...? It was hilarious. Tom and I because partial alive friends of two houses over by me on a hill were good. Lead frequently down the hill to my house in its valley. It knows always, when he?s they are closed, there can always like a crazy on the direction down. One day, five it minute afterwards that he went, in order to go from new to his house, it sent back. It fastened and, if rotary. My the hatch is opened for me, is it mentioned, of! please? It enough maintained. While I laughed, is he to dire?You reached from the tape of the off take did continue? It was large. As soon as Tom, some other friends and I on the city to Hanover were. We had taken out from a film and all we were hardly happy to you, so that we went to stopping the food. The whole food, those excluded from club from refusal and the hard, Tom. Tom, which is stupid kidskin is he is bought, we, bread really bought round loaf it, that gone, eating this? I asked, because waste would be terrible one if it didn't?t.. We were based to the exterior on the points, munching the man of bread of the miracle white on our cakes hostess and down our beers of the root swallowing, while Tom used the part after the part of the level. We have thought us maintained, but it was one of those things these a debt for here to be simple. Tom was one of my better friends of, if I came it to the contact into the first degree. He?s a large, divertimento that it loves comrades. I can always count on credit of the wonderful friendly one, if it is around. I know many people, but none ransom the cakes such as Tom; or the cheese for this affair.

Thursday, December 26, 2002
i greet you and your family. Jim are just have conversation with a nice person. we have speek, well....type. here are what wesaid:

Jim: greeting
A person: SUP
Jim: hello name are mine of A person: mine is josh
Jim: i have found that being interesting
Jim: do you enjoy viewing of website?
A person: why???????????????????????????
A person: no
Jim: you use many ?
A person: many what
Jim: allright
Jim: many ?
A person: many what
Jim: gosh, i am trying for explain the ?
Jim: what do one call a ?
A person: call a what
Jim: mind never
A person: ok.......
Jim: would you enjoy reading of website that are by me
A person: no
Jim: that is fine
Jim: me went into fraNce
Jim: have you been ever there?
A person: no never been there
Jim: i was enjoy it there
Jim: nice very it was
A person: whats youre asl
Jim: asl?
Jim: do me having one of thems?
A person: age/sex/male/female
A person: i mean
A person: age/sex/location
Jim: mine are twenty 2 and i are male, location is in the city
A person: kewl
A person: KEWL!!!!!!!!!!111
Jim: that word have nots a place in mine vocabulary, how does it be used?
A person: AS COOL
Jim: ah! Jim have received the understanding from yourself
A person: COO;
A person: *COOL
Jim: mine are have the need to go
Jim: Jim have nice time speaking with yourself
Jim: bye-good, oops, i meaning the opposite of greetings
A person: see ya

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
jim have wish that mine have better excuse for writing not. Jim have lazy. Jim ol' lazy. To my dedicated readers Jim being saorry. Jim for busy being other stuff with and now jim just have not write in many time. jim two mintue ago reading thems writings in mon guestbooks and tear form on the eye. the people were in joying jim writing. then jim stop. oh jim. why have ijim being so stopping of website? oh well. for thus i am much sorry.

Alright. enough hoo-boos and butt-sight. Jim will now update you and your family on the doings of me. I have passing school and are being at school high. what im meaning for said is that im am not of the being of using drugs, high-school is it? jim are not high at school. AH! or high at all for that matter. i had really dig myself into a hole there. you get the idea any way. so yes, jim are attending "highschool." learing many going fast. the learn is jamming. all around. jim heare school. somehow jim not learning lisheng..ahem jim meaning of english. my sorry, much hard to read for you. jim appologize. Jim HAVE NEW _OOPS CAps lock- job. i am work at factory toy. we makes toies. kids play, we make. toys. jim help design. jim not much sucessful much. jim create fire truck "with real active lights and smells." boss tell me kids not liking smell of sweaty firemen and water and metal and tires and gas. kids like firetruck sounds. bad my. so jim trying hard.

yes right...well jane and myself have gone. jane mad that her not abl for teachings me language. she spek very well. jim not so well. oh well. jim find new peice of ass. haha oh hehe. that what men of the bar have call her. man at workplace of mine say that she quote "godamn! you my man have got one damn fine peice of ass there. she's so fucking hot man." he use many too many sweers. swaers. swears. he expletived me. i try not for doing that for because many time it bad luck bring. anyway. he say this of my woman friend. besides her hot peices of her body, she have inteligent peices ass well. her brain funktion better than mine. she luaghs much. great person is she. ah my sweet maria...

yikes, mine are ramble. me waste many of you time. i sorry. you go do something for importance.

Friday, July 26, 2002
me having many new products, buy them, buy them sned me picture of you with them and me make you famous on mine site! be famous, buy my stuff.

Friday, July 26, 2002
crap holy! me for checking me paris trip page and 118 people being there! wow! that lot! thanking you. that is nice. amazing.

Friday, July 26, 2002
hellos! i for am being back now! me are's beed very so busy with my new jobs. i working at big office buildering. nice jobbings. i for making money at teh lots. it are for being good. and! me almost are being forget. met woman nice! she have nice. woman name being jane. jane and myself hav being together for little while. she say me funny. me have many sorry that i not write sooner, but anyway, jane have hair brown and nice face. she have living be my apartment. big city have nice. being happy is me. your people are very nice for being payshent with me and my writings of jim. jim give thanking to you and your family. jim will enjoying writing, and will hopefully write more soon. try i will.
off signing,

Wednesday, May 1, 2002
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Thursday, March 28, 2002
mine are bored so me went for translation site web. i translate myy first entry. results are below. :)

Mercredi, février 6, 2002 que je pense que je suis obtenir du du savoir pour utiliser comment le site de je prendrai maintenant le temps qui n'est pas hten maintenant de loin mais l'heure de maintenant de vous dire trois choses moi-même de I sont au sujet de moi pays de mine de pays je pas charme capable de bidon pas aux befors vous et de famille qu'il n'est pas dans ma mémoire. si je puis j'aurais. je vis soeur lointaine de d beaucoup de waya. est moi âge taday des années 21 du nom jilly. qu'elle ont le temps gentil de la vie dans le pays est une fois qu'oft de nombre de mine le compte des choses j'aime au AM disant le youre au sujet du slef mon: j'apprécie dans l'animal de compagnie de mon oncle le chat rik. qu'il sont du rik nommé pour son homme de mon oncle est également dans le nom rik. qui est voie de la raison du nom rik. de chat autre que la raison je vous parle là n'est rien. je vous remercie de de lire mon sentir spécial de journal dans moi pour vous que ce jim fait écrivent encore dans bientôt le temps qui ne sont pas longue du temps maintenant bye-bon.

Thursday, March 28, 2002
bon jour! mon self being retourné å les paris. je les learné des frenches language. Paris persons are nice. frenching food is good. i made pictures of mes trip. the linking to it is on the left. please visit mes photo gållé®îés. sorry i not write muching lately. i are have being busy and bored wif writing on site page. i know many persons enjoy reading of jim, so mine are going for try to write more soons. oh revouir! et á demain! hehehehe.